Respiratory Congestion

Why Suffer from Respiratory Congestion?

If you are a resident of the Northwest, chances are you have suffered from symptoms of respiratory congestion from smoke exposure. Perhaps recently, with the cold weather wood stoves are running non stop and the air is full of particulate matter!  Here are some at home remedies for soothing the symptoms, and making your life easier.

Tightness in the Chest:

Make your hand into the shape of a cup as if you were to scoop up water from a stream.  Turn those cups onto your chest and gently beat the front of you chest to loosen the muscles of your ribs and dislodge phlegm that may be collecting in your lungs.  Do this task with a partner on the each others back.  You will find it easier to breathe and maybe a little more relaxed as you give each other a good cupping!

Sinus Congestion:

Massage a medicinal oil or balm into the base of your head, around your ears, and the orbits of your eyes. Good medicine for clearing the sinus cavities includes essential blends such as Basil, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Peppermint.

Dried out Nasal Passages:

Keep your home hydrated with a pot of water on the stove, or a commercial humidifier.  They have lots of bells and whistles nowadays and you can find some that will even diffuse essential oils for you. If your nasal passageway is dried out and sore, try coating it with a little oil on a q-tip to help heal the dry spots.  We like to use pure Calendula oil as it is an excellent remedy for abraded skin.  Pure Olive or Grapeseed Oils are a good choice as well.  Do not put essential oils into your nasal cavity as this is a mucous membrane and quite sensitive to chemicals.

Puffy, Itchy Face:

Chances are the particulate matter in the air is a little too much for your head to handle, and you feel dried out, itchy, and irritated.  Try some steam therapy to increase the circulation to your face, and boost your immune system.  A quick way to steam your face is with a hand towel soaked in hot water.

Herbal Steam

Squeeze out the hot water and apply to your face and breathe deeply for a few minutes.  Wipe your face clean and then repeat with a cold hand towel.  Repeat this method for 3-4 cycles and your face and head will thank you.  If you have more time try hot water in a bowl and add herbs like Peppermint, Calendula and Chamomile or a few drops of essential oils to cleanse the sinus cavities and open up your pores.  If your skin still feels itchy take a teaspoon of olive oil and gently massage into your skin.  Don’t worry if it feels greasy, it will soak in and help you feel less itchy.



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