Wedding Party Services

Bridal Massage Spa Packages
Relaxation, Rejuvenation, & Stress Relief
For Your Wedding Celebrations

Your wedding planning is an exciting yet possibly exhausting time. Everything is happening at such a rapid pace that you may forget to enjoy the moment, and take in the extraordinary upcoming changes in your life and the people around you that are dear to you.

We here at Kiva Therapueutics understand this– that is why we offer spa parties for all your wedding celebrations. Please read below for examples of Relaxation Packages.

Bridal Showers & Bachelorette Parties
Pamper yourself as you celebrate!
Spend quality time together and enjoy exceptional services tailored just for you at your home, hotel, or wherever your party is scheduled.

The Bride’s Day
Walk down the aisle radiant, relaxed, and happy!
On or before your wedding day, we come to you for a relaxing massage and/or facial at your house, hotel, wedding site, or wherever it’s convenient.

The Wedding Party
Give your attendants what they need for the big day – stress relief!
Offer a mini massage to help them feel their best and to say thanks for making your day special. A great addition to rehearsals or as a bridesmaid gift idea! Add-on options include foot soaks with rejuvenating massage, mini facials, or paraffin hand wax.

A Special Couple
Start your new life relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected.
Schedule a couple’s massage and facial for the days before or after your wedding. We come to you with tables, calming music, and natural body products. 50 and 80-minute massage and facials.

Mother/Daughter Massage
You’ve worried, laughed, stressed out, and maybe even cried and shouted while planning this special day. Now take time to relax and spend quality time together!

Mini Massage Package:
Work out the kinks with a relaxing 20-30 minute massage.  Just enough massage to unwind, De-stress, and to allow the mind to focus on enjoying the day.
Upgrade with:
Pampered Feet – A relaxing foot soak followed by a massage with a rejuvenating foot scrub and moisture treatment!
Healthy Hands –  A hand massage with luxurious masks, cremes, and followed by a Paraffin wax hand treatment.

The Overall Package:
Pampered Feet – a relaxing foot soak followed by a rejuvenating foot massage.
Healthy Hands – a relaxing hand massage followed by a Paraffin wax hand treatment.
Mini Massage
$85.00 per person

Relaxing Package:
25 minute Facial Massage
25 Minute Massage
$90.00 per person

Upgrade with:
Pampered Feet – a relaxing foot soak followed by a rejuvenating foot massage. $20.00
Healthy Hands – Paraffin wax hand treatment followed by a relaxing hand massage. $20.00

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