Kiva Practitioners

Jenny Eggers, B.A., LMT, GFI

Specialized Treatments:
Hot and Cold stones, Heat and Ice Treatments, Infrared Therapies, Castor Oil Packs, Abdominal Massage, Head and Scalp treatments, Reflexology, Qi- Gong Massage, Myo -Fascial Release, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Sports massage, Chair Massage, Positional Release
Jenny was trained at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, Washington. She completed a 1,000 program in massage therapy in 2006. Her focused education in anatomy, kiniesology, and manual therapy techniques and her interest in acupressure and energetic meridians allowed her to excel in injury treatments, chronic pain management, and acute injury protocols. She has advanced training in hydrotherapy treatments, abdominal massage, scar tissue release, myofascial meridians, Qi-Gong massage, and sports injuries and treatments.
She is also a mind-body fitness instructor. Her classes focus on finding muscular flexibility with yoga asanas and tai chi, and creating strength and stability in movement with functional movement patterns pulled from everyday activities. If she is not managing  Kiva, you will find Jenny creating healing blends of oils for massage application, promoting family literacy programs, or writing curriculum for on-line training.
She advocates a balanced approach to the modern stresses of daily living. “Don’t be afraid to get up off the couch and do some exercise, but don’t be afraid to sit on the couch, watch a movie and eat that third cookie every once in a while! As long as there is a balance between treating yourself and working yourself to the bone, your body will be pretty happy, your spirit will thank you, and your mind will be at ease.”

Deb Sudnikovich;  Reflexologist

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Erika Finley; LMTerica

Specialized Treatments:
Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Sports massage, Chair Massage, Hot Stones
“I was taught the value of science- questioning, hypothesizing, analyzing, and problem solving from my mother, who was, among many other things, a scientist, and my father who was an engineer. The combination of this and my inclination towards physical activity and manipulation of the physical world has led me to love being a massage therapist.
I have done many other things for work, and am thankful to have come around the circles, leading myself here. I have a B.A. in French from Northern Arizona University, and have since moved between Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho. The French degree, while loved, is not a broad career opener, so, I have done trail construction / design, taught English in France, worked with youth education on a non -profit farm, was a field instructor for a wilderness therapy company, spent some time as a flower gardener, as well as a few others. I am fascinated by anatomy and the human body, and intrigued by its injuries, I enjoy being active, and am excited to meet new people, making massage a great fit for me. In my practice I enjoy the challenge of questioning, analyzing, and finding ways assist my clients in reaching whatever individual goals they bring to the table.
When working through adhesion’s or contractures with clients, I love to let my imaginative mind see the individual muscle cells and the strings of connective tissue and then broaden it out to their connections and potential interference’s from other parts of the body and mind. I view the body as a collection of functioning units, interdependent upon one another. If one muscle is in pain, it is not alone in its dysfunction, and it’s important to work with the whole situation, not an individual symptom.
I went to school at Three Oaks Academy and Integrative Therapy Clinic in Boise, ID where I focused on clinical approaches to massage therapy. I view it as a way to broaden the capacities of our healthcare system and bridge the gap between physical and mental / emotional health. It has a role in improving one’s health, vitality, and emotional stability, preventing further injury or disease, and in assisting with the challenges of recovery.
I use techniques of Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue Release, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Postural Analysis, with the values of a relaxing approach to reach the individual goals of each client.
When not at work, you will find me reading a book, browsing through thrift / consignment stores, hiking, climbing, rafting rivers, doing yoga, relaxing with friends, traveling, or learning how to sail.”


Mary Music, LMT

Specialized Treatments:
Cranio Sacral Therapy, LomiLomi- Hawaiian Massage, SER, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage
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Meagan Mize; Stress Specialist

Specialized Treatments:
Biofeedback, Weight Loss Specialist
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