Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Sinus Congestion

This time of year can be murderous for some people. Seasonal Allergies-Bleck!  The molds wake up after their winter dormancy, the pollen is thick as a blanket on our cars and outdoor furniture, and dust encroaches into our homes.  This can mean limited time outdoors and a general feeling of malaise due to congestion and a lack of oxygen.  Try a little hydrotherapy to open up your sinus cavities and ease painful congestion. Hydrotherapy improves circulation and helps your body stay healthy and fight off congestion and infection.  The simplest way is to take a shower and alternate between hot and cold 4-5 times to clear the sinus’s and get the blood flowing.  Maybe you do not have time to take a shower, or need more than one sinus treatment in a day.   Try the same hot and cold remedy with a wet cloth only this time  add eucalyptus oil to reduce sinus pain and spasming of the bronchials. Keep reading to find out how to do this.

Eucalyptus sinus

What you will need:

5 Minutes of your day


Sink with hot and cold water

Eucalyptus oil

The process:

Take a wash cloth and get it wet with hot water.  Wring out the water.

Place the hot wash cloth on your face and breathe in the moist hot air.  Go ahead and wipe your face with the wash cloth to get rid of any pollen or potential allergens on your skin.

Rinse out the wash cloth with hot water.

Rinse the wash cloth with cold water and wring out the extra water.

Place on your face and breathe in the invigorating temperature.

Rinse out the wash cloth with hot water and wring out the extra water.

Add 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus oil to a wash cloth and place over face.

Breathe in deeply to reap the benefits of Eucalyptus oil.

Rinse and wring out the wash cloth with cold water and place over face.

Do this cycle 4 times a day during heavy pollen times, and as a general maintenance program for respiratory ailments.

eucalyptuscool1You can find Eucalyptus oil at most Natural Health Stores.  It is a common essential oil that aromatherapists use medicinally.  We carry therapeutic grade essential oil in bulk at Kiva Therapeutics in Priest Lake, ID along with many other essential oils and healing oils.  Call us for your essential oil needs.  We can supply you with tiny travel size vials and up to 2 oz of eucalyptus oil for your home medicine cabinet.  At a fraction of the price most pyramid essential oil companies sell their oils for.  Don’t waste your money on big marketing, use it on valuable medicine and building up your stock.


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